About The CAL Crew

Nicholas Utech

Hello, I'm a freelance writer and editor who does a little bit of everything in the field. I have always had a passion for children’s literature that has only been accentuated through being a parent.


Reading to my daughter, and other children, inspired me to bring CAL to life and help engage young readers in a series that teaches valuable life lessons while stimulating the imagination.  

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Victoria K Mcdonald


How are you doin'? I'm doing great. I just had a great cup of coffee and I am rockin' out to Foo Fighter, Just need a fall breeze and some chocolate and I would be in heaven. 

I am a versatile photographer and artist with a love for capturing, and spreading, joy in my work. I love working on CAL The Pillowish Penguin when I'm not concentrating on my passion as a photographer.

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